I recently learned how to integrate edited audio into a Prezi presentation.

  1. I recorded, enhanced and formatted the audio on Audacity .
  2. I saved the files as wave files (or as mp3 both are acceptable).
  3. I added an audio clip to each slide in the presentation (as needed) by utilizing the Insert function: Add voice over to slide #.

Once I had added the voice over to the presentation I faced a dilemma. The course site would not accept a prezi link. I needed to record a screencast in order to upload the data to the site. Screenr  from Articulate.com allowed me to record up to 5 minutes of material.

Many of the Screen recording programs only allow you to record audio from a microphone, headset, or camera. One work around is to use a patch-cord between the microphone and speaker jack.

Another alternative for Windows users is to designate ‘stereo mix’ as the recording device and ‘speaker output’ as the default.

Screenr proved to be less than optimal (didn’t work) for this purpose because the free subscription is limited to five minutes per screencast. The capture program on the school site uses Kaltura to record and play student projects with a capacity of two hours per recording. The version of Kaltura application that is used by the school allows a link to the site but does not allow a download of the file.

Screenr on the other hand publishes the recording to the cloud on their site and offers the option of uploading to youtube.com, downloading an mp4 or sharing a link

Below is an excerpt from my presentation recorded on Screenr and uploaded to youtube.


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