Intrinsic Motivation and Transformational Leadership

Intrinsic motivation (satisfaction with the task) seems to work better than extrinsic motivation (carrot and stick).  Studies with college students that provided the students with cash incentives to perform interesting tasks eventually caused the students to lose interest in the activity. A keynote address by Deci and Ryan at the 5th conference on Self Determination Theory discussed the main points of Self Determination Theory.

Basically people are motivated by Autonomy, Mastery, and Relatedness. Working autonomously a person can decide how, when, where, and with whom to perform a task. Autonomy does not necessarily mean independent.  Mastery or competence is learning to perform a task to the best of one’s ability.  Relatedness is the sense of belonging to a group or a connection to something larger than self.

Daniel Pink put the ideas of Deci and Ryan into lay language in his book Drive.  The following presentation summarizes his key ideas.

Transformational leadership seems  to encourage and prepare workers to become intrinsically motivated.   While a transformational leader is charismatic and appeals to followers emotions, they also model desired behaviors.  This type of leader also stimulates their workers intellectually by providing engaging, challenging tasks.  Employee development is one of the main goals of a transformational leader.

In contrast, traditional transactional leadership uses the carrot and the stick, rewards and punishment. This technique can work for simple repetitive tasks but becomes counter productive when tasks become more complex or require innovation and cognitive skills.


More Camtasia

I continued to work with Camtasia for another class and experimented with some of the features. I continue to be impressed with the capabilities. Once you have the basics down it seems to be pretty easy to use.

This project was to produce a video teaching a skill and it was to be no longer than 2-3 minutes. I rushed a little, sped up the video in spots but I think I got the basics across. I probably could have trimmed the entrance and exit screens down a bit too. Fun Stuff!

Experimenting with Camtasia

This week we experimented with Camtasia Studio 8 by Techsmith. I produced a simple video on Concept Mapping by first building a presentation in Prezi and recording the screen using Camtasia. I used the voice over feature in Prezi for the narration. The audio segments were recorded and edited (slightly) in Audacity.

The audio could be probably be improved by using a quieter space for recording and spending a little more time on editing and filtering. I could just as easily have added the audio during the video edit.

The title screen and the zoom effects on the slides were added during video editing as well as the intro and outro music. I’m working with the trial version but I would be willing to drop the cash for the full version if I can find the slightest reason. It’s just dang fun to use.

Flipping the Classroom

I recently viewed a you tube video that focused on removing lecture from middle school classrooms by using simple one take videos. By recording the lectures the information is available to the students 24×7 and the instructor can focus on individual needs.

Students that have grasped the subject can move on to apply the concepts and students that still are struggling with the concepts can get individual help.

Educational Theories in action in the flipped classroom

Principles from the Flipped Classroom – chart taken from the video

I really believe this is the future of classroom education. I hope that more teachers will be encouraged to use this technique. It appears to be more effective and more time efficient.

The Abilene Paradox

The Abilene Paradox

Sometimes organizations get into trouble by mismanaging agreement rather than from mismanaging conflict. When everyone avoids conflict poor decisions can result. This can happen in interpersonal relationships, agreeing to something that you would rather not do for example.

How many marriages were committed just because the date had been set and the invitations were sent out?

How many bad laws have been passed because legislators voted the party line?

Watch the video, stand up on your hind legs y’all!